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Notes This paper describes Just sex is all i am after observations from individual and group experiences with MDMA and other empathogenic substances1, relating to the application of these experiences in self-healing, psychotherapy, and spiritual practice. We also offer some guidelines, distilled from the experience of about two dozen therapists and practitioners, for the most effective use of these substances. In modern Western societies these three areas are kept academically and professionally distinct. The rigid separation of these three functions along the lines of professional guilds and their special interest groups may be one of the reasons why Western societies except for the American Indian have found it so problematical to deal with psychedelics in a rational, socially beneficial manner. This Escortphonelist com very different from the conventional Western medical model, which treats healing drugs as something to be administered on a daily schedule and not as an experience to be shared between doctor and patient.

Fresh water to drink and proximity to a stream or ocean reminds us of the watery origins of our life. As an example, one woman observed, in her first experience with MDMA, a kind of knot in her heart-center.

Most therapists suggest to the voyager to go first as far and deeply within as he can, to the core or ground of being, to his High Self - or similar directions. My ego is a part of who I am, but I am not my ego.

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In a very fundamental sense, it is the kind of experience that every conscious being really wants and needs. The path forward le to the future and is called "Imagination, or the Children.

Mdma sex reddit

The profound simplicity of the Adam state is striking. As part of the discussion around this, it is important to also agree that the physical touch of a hand on the heart, the shoulder, the head, or the hand can be an important source of support and encouragement and als empathy or compassion but not sexual interest.

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The figure of Adam is a highly important symbolic figure in Gnostic and Hermetic writings, and C. It is not uncommon for individuals to spend major portions of the experience reviewing and healing interpersonal relationships.

Mdma sex reddit

The geddit or set of the individual in taking the substance is crucial here also in the aftereffects. Energy tremor, jaw clenching, heat, and greater blood pressure are the usual kind of stimulant side effects.

The safer guide to taking mdma/ecstasy | hotpress

Sometimes, group members choose when they have the staff not to talk or sing, but simply to share a silent meditation. A somewhat different, although also profound, kind of experience may be had if the setting is outdoors, in nature. Many s testify to the extraordinary tactile sensitivity and sensuousness of the Adam state. Because it has been illegal since the late sixties, and Mdmq compounds with fewer of the somatic side effects have been found, it does not currently find much use in therapy, as far as is known.

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In the case of these experiences, the chemical catalyst triggers a change of feeling state, in which the insights and perceptions that reddkt place though often appearing ordinary and commonplace when they are afterwards described to others are felt with depth and poignancy of emotion that was for most people Santa clarita nude of in their lives up to the time of that first experience.

At the end, she felt better about each of these relationships. Meditation threatens my ego. Even with such an initial state of total unity and transcendence, it is often helpful later to ask the questions, and perhaps record one's answers or comments, on tape for postsession review.

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It feels like this process will be ongoing for some time to come In general, my journey with Adam affirmed who I am, what I am doing, where I am going. Characteristically, one may experience a kind of deep emotional, almost visceral bonding with the land, the plants, the rocks, the animals, and the environment generally. I can use it for insight and understanding, and not for self-destruction.

It is the group leader's responsibility to ensure that that level of trust exists in the group.

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I am able to perceive, receive, and respond to love in a much more open way than I did a few weeks ago. The followingedited from a verbatim transcript recorded during an MDMA session, exemplifies the process of attaining a new and enlarged perspective on the role of ego. These are questions that all seekers have, and it is natural to want to ask them in the deddit of an encounter with one's sources of inner wisdom.

Most people who have attempted them have found it most effective to practice such methods either with low dosages of MDMA mg or toward the latter half of the session after two or three hours. However, even though serotonin might stifle the sex drive, it's been shown to release oxytocinthe " love hormone " recdit for solidifying emotional bonds. But it is not advisable to use that state for the initiation of an ordinary sexual encounter. There are two general principles long accepted in psychedelic research that could be proposed as ethical guidelines for this kind of work: 1 No one should be given the drug, or be persuaded to take it, against his own wishes or without full disclosure of possible risks and benefits.

Fast rhythmic or highly complex music seems too difficult to follow for most people.

It should be understood, though, that sometimes the simple touch of a hand from one's neighbor can be the most profoundly reassuring and comforting gesture. This, in turn, is part of the larger group of "psychoactive" substances, which includes stimulants, depressants, and aphrodisiacs.

Mdma sex reddit

One woman reported feeling that there were paths that went out from the heart-center and that she could choose which one was most appropriate for her - and not just take the one always taken, the traditional, expected path. During the course of a single Adam session, I experienced a deep, natural healing within myself.

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It is our belief that such recreational use, although probably harmless certainly less harmful than alcohol or tobaccodoes not have the intrinsic interest and healing potential that the guided, intentional, therapeutic, and sacramental use has. Depending on Mdmaa person's background Massage more w intention, they may occur Mdna the result of a focused choice, or totally unexpectedly.

Some therapists and guides encourage the person to make a written list of questions, which can then be reviewed just prior to the session or perhaps recorded on the tape that will record verbalization during the session.

Mdma sex reddit

Mostly floating like a baby through the universe. It has seemed the Adam has allowed me to move into the fragments of the attack, to reexperience what I needed to reexperience, and to desensitize me to my surroundings. From reviewing the work of therapists and guides who have witnessed sessions with MDMA and other empathogens, one is led to the conclusion that there are two main Mature couples wants woman xxx of outcomes.

The folklore and terminology that have arisen around these substances give one a good indication of the basic nature of the experience. It is reported by many that such methods - which are essentially self-initiated and self-guided explorations of consciousness - are enormously facilitated and amplified in these states.

The records of the sessions with empathogenic and psychedelic substances indicate that the experiences fit naturally within the integrative worldviews of indigenous, shamanic cultures. Aex Holy Spirit is myself. The first time with any substance, including MDMA, occasionally may involve an individual in intense and loud processing of ly repressed feeling states, either orally or through physical movements.

Mdma sex reddit

It should be remembered that these substances, unlike any other known psychiatric medication, produce an intense but transient altered state of awareness. Liechti found that while MDMA enhances feelings of well-being and relaxation, alters perception and the sense of touch, it indirectly facilitated physical, though non-sexual, interactions.

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